Obsidian Stonemirrors


1. Voidshrines 06:44
2. Figurines 04:58
3. I 02:03
4. Vimana 04:47
5. Fleshcloth 05:27
6. Obsidian Stonemirrors 06:11
7. II 02:24
8. The Plateau of Unincarnation 06:20
9. Ad Cinereo 06:53



“Obsidian Stonemirrors” is self financed and released 2012-11-16 by the band itself. Since there are a lot of different influences from all six members the writing progress has been pretty intense over the last two years with a lot of pre-productions and rehearsals in order to create something unique in the metal scene today.

The studio process had to be fast in order to be able finance the album. In the total of nine days the whole album was recorded at “Grand Recording Studio” in Gothenburg, engineered by Sven Jensen who also has made a great job on mixing the album. For mastering we have chosen to work with Göran Finnberg who have worked with a lot of well-known metal-bands over the years for example Meshuggah, In Flames, Arch Enemy and Opeth to name a few.

All artwork for the album is made by the vocalist; Uduun.