Nox Vorago started in 2006 in Gothenburg, Sweden. They recorded two demos, one in 2007 and one in 2009, they were only released on the web. In those early years they performed gigs at various clubs locally and also opened for some bigger acts; such as Wolves in the throne room (CA) at club Nemis in 2010.

Their first full-length album titled “Obsidian Stonemirrors”, was recorded and mixed at Grand Recording Studio in Gothenburg 2012, and was released later that same year by the band. The album received good reviews during 2013 and also won the band a slot at Metal Towns Close Up stage in 2013. In December 2013 the band went on a european tour as support act to Six Feet Under (US) and the c/o headliners Vredehammer (NO). During 2014 they’ve been working on their second full-length album and recorded one track to be released as a single. They also went on a second european tour as c/o headlining act to Vredehammer.

Nox Vorago released the single “Nuremberg 1561” in February 2015, and is currently making the last preparations before they enter the studio to record the next album starting in April 2015.

To be continued…